Sawdie and Harman

Glendale, AZ -- November 27, 2010 -- Sawdie and Harman were married in a beautiful Sikh ceremony on a picture-perfect day in the Arizona sun. The couple had already exchanged vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony earlier this year. Their Sikh wedding ceremony brought together hundreds of family and friends who had traveled from destinations all across the globe. Sawdie was born and raised in Cuba, so traditional Cuban dances and customs were artfully infused into the festivities. The cultural synthesis was undoubtedly the most memorable part. The father/daughter dance was to a Cuban song, which had guests swinging to a unique cadence. When Cuban flavor meets the unmistakable sound of Bhangra music, exciting things happen, as you'll see in this trailer. Congratulations, Sawdie and Harman. You two looked fabulous and we were so happy to have been a part of your big day!